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Choir Singers May Have Synchronized Heartbeats.

The CNN (7/9) "The Chart" blog reports that research published in Frontiers in Neuroscience suggests that "people who sing together have synchronized heartbeats."

HealthDay (7/9, Preidt) reports that the research "included 15 members of a high school choir whose heart rates were monitored while they performed three different choral exercises: monotone humming, singing a hymn and chanting a slow mantra." Researchers found that "the music's melody and structure had a direct impact on the hearts of individual choir members." The investigators found that "singing in unison caused a synchronizing effect that led to singers' heart rates rising and falling at the same time."

BBC News (7/9, Morelle) reports, "The researchers now want to investigate whether singing could have an impact on our health." Also covering the story are the Daily Telegraph (UK) (7/9, Collins, 871K) and the Daily Mail (UK) (7/9, McDermott).


Mark E. Dunlap, MD, Professor of Medicine, CWRU