What People Say & FAQ's

See WHAT OUR PARENTS HAVE TO SAY about our classes...

"...a wonderful morning --filled with music, movement and loads of smiles...
We ALL were involved from the youngest child to the active adults...you made our day"...

'She really loves music and seems to 'get it'.

She dances when we turn music on.
What a gift to her!'

'It's interactive, free-flowing yet presents music and activities in a way that one can learn and pick-up something regardless of age or experience.'

'The kids love it and it helps nurture their appreciation of music.'

'Excellent class, loads of fun, and my son loves it.'

'My son asks to come, I love the music'

'We love this class and so does my son. I like the instruments.
I'll come back again and again!'

'It is a great class to attend and very educational.'

'I had a wonderful experience with Music Together®.
I truly enjoyed the classes and would recommend it to any parent.'

'Music Together provides a wonderful opportunity for my child
to open up and interact with others. We both love it!'

'My usually shy child comes alive at Music Together.'

'Music together has been a wonderful experience for my children and I/we love winding down each week with the lullabies.
The girls have come to love lullabies at home each night now.'

'My son loves the class. He is 10 months old & claps his hands the whole time.'

'My daughter and I love the class.
We look forward to class every week.
She sings the songs and asks when it's time to go back to music!

'Music Together is terrific.
The teachers do a great job teaching
us music in an entertaining way.
The boys and I look forward to every class.'
(440) 543-5025


How long is each class?
45 minutes

How long does each session run?
Each session, fall-winter-and spring, is 10 weeks.
Sometimes there is a short summer session of 6 weeks.

What happens in each class?
It is important to know that each semester has a new song collection that every family receives on the first day of class. Every family will receive 2 Compact Discs (CD's) and songbook to use as a follow-up to each class session.
Music Together, LLC, a national early childhood music program based in Princeton, NJ, publishes each song collection. This is the music we share and experience in class through different activities each week.
During the course of one lesson, we start with the Hello Song, which remains the same every semester. This is an important opening ritual that helps everyone to transition from our outside world into a magical place of music and very present time.
Then there are a variety of sit-and-sing lap songs, finger plays, and chants. Usually we will get up and do some gross motor movement, but we are really always moving.
Mixed into all these songs are instrument activities when everyone in the class receives the same egg shakers or rhythm sticks or scarves, etc. This is followed by our instrumental play-along, when we bring out a mixture of percussive instruments and play along to lively recorded music.
In the last part of class we always have a time for creative, free movement. After the creative movement, we start to wind down with a lullaby and always finish with the Goodbye Song.


Did you say "Mixed Ages"? (Newborn through 4 years)
Adults, regardless of musical ability, find it fun and easy to help create an environment that supports any child in achieving basic music competence.
Children of mixed ages participate at their own level by singing, moving, listening, and exploring instruments. Not only does this enhance the learning environment; but it also enables families with more than one child to attend together in the same class.

Mixed Ages???  Hopefully, we all have memories of family celebrations where there was singing and dancing and all ages felt free to join in. Unfortunately, these traditions are becoming less the norm as our culture becomes more about product and perfection and less about process. Placing an emphasis on process, Music Together classes are designed with the whole family in mind, thereby providing a diversity, not just in age, but in learning styles and personalities. In fact, we know that young children learn basic life skills informally from their parents and caregivers and that music is a basic life skill.

In a Music Together class, parents and caregivers sing and dance and (really!) have a whole lot of fun...and, in so doing, model a positive disposition towards music.

Infants, toddlers, and preschoolers alike are all learning informally from this positive model.
Whoever thought learning could be so stress-free and joyful?

What if I need a make-up class or even a refund?
We do our very best to allow for at least two make ups per semester on a first-come, first-served basis. We are usually able to accommodate everyone's varying needs!
Music Together of the Chagrin Valley's general refund policy is that no refunds will be given on or after the first day of class.
In the event of a 'family emergency' situation, your registration
may be credited to a future session with the exception of a $35.00 service and administration fee.